Yasmine is founder and CEO (eventhough she doesn’t like that term) of GARITE. Yasmine’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with her passion for fashion and sustainability made her the perfect candidate to start her own business. While her academic background lies in economics, her soul is all bohemian. Yasmine is a vegetarian going vegan and isn’t afraid to use organic toothpaste (the rest of us are) but she loves her Chanel and Hermes just like any other fashionista.


Sonja is a self-confessed scented candle addict, journalist in the making, a proud feminist and GARITEs very own social media geek. She is just as passionate about the latest issue of Vogue as women’s rights around the world. You can find Sonja on every social media website and she’s obsessed with news, news, news. She is practically glued to her Blackberry and iPhone. ”I do have this obsession about always being connected to the rest of the world. I don’t like to be too far away from a newspaper or wifi!” she says.


Baystream, GARITEs very own in house photographer, based in GARITEs hometown Nice. She takes the most creative, beautiful and colorful photos one can imagine, it is like everything she ‘takes photos’ of turns into gold… When she is not working as a photographer she is running Nice Life, a café in Nice with a sustainable focus, they only serve veggie food and every week they have workshops in everything from meditation to ‘how to grow your own vegetables’! GARITE Like!
Why not have a little sneak peek on her portfolio on www.sophiebaystream.com

And last but not least our Inspiration

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 13.01.33-pola

Yvonne, our times IT girl in the 1960-70 Paris.

At the age of 16 Yvonne left her sleepy hometown Nora in Sweden for Paris in order to precede her dreams of becoming French. France quickly become her new home, and she spent her time shopping in exclusive boutiques on ChampsÉlysées, eating Crème brûlée and just in general living the French lifestyle… And guess what she is still living her dream, as she todays spends her days in South of France.

 Yvonne is not only working as inspiration/adviser for GRAITE she is also the buyer, which is the reason of GARITEs fondness of the 60s and 70s. She knows exactly what was hot and what was not and she is obsessed about vintage quality and materials, making sure GARITEs treasures comes with a high standard.