Bestest with your blog?

Mon Cheri is an inspiring blog with a nice mood, I would like people to feel that they are welcome and that we can have conversation and share our thoughts.


Describe your blog with 3 words?

Inspirational, dreamy and personal.  




Who is Linnea?

Linnea is a girl who loves to dream and think about life, she loves old things and everything beautiful




Other blogs you enjoy?

Silversaga, Drömma and Elsa Billgren.

Who inspires you and why?

I get inspired mainly by movies, I have favorite movies that I watch over and over again. I also get inspired by the character and what their clothing. When I see a new film that I like I seem to live in that world for some days and try to find items to match that particular mood. Right now I am very into a film called Resistance, a fictional film about the IIWW. I wish to find the perfect 40’s skirt and wear it with knits and boots, just like the main character does in the film. I get very into these things and would love to work with clothes and style in the film industry someday.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I would like to go back to the end of the 1900- century, and hang out with the Pre-Raphaelites. I love their art, their romantic and hopeful view on the future and life.


Best vintage/second hand item ever bought?

A pale pink 30’s blouse, its sheer with a Peter Pan collar and embroidery. I love it so much and been wearing it more than any other item in my closet, so unfortunately it is now ruined. But I am still keeping it, maybe I’ll frame it and hang it up as art one day.

Orange or white?

White for clothing, orange for lips! I discovered orange lipstick recently and I love it!

Jane Russel or Rita Hayworth?

Rita Hayworth

Jewelry or shoes?

Jewelry. However I don’t wear that much jewelry though, and if I do I prefer wearing simple things, like a thin gold bracelet or nice hair clips. A dream of mine is to have a 20’s watch with a thin wristband and an art deco face.

Spring or Autumn? 

Autumn, I love to dress warm, and I am more inspired to try new styles and dress up more in the autumn for some reason. It feels like you can have a brand new start and my mind seem to work better in cold weather, I just get so lazy in the summer.


Trend or vintage? 

Vintage of course!

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