“We want a world without poverty, so we work with local people to fight hunger, seek justice for women and education for children, and cope with emergencies.

Wherever there is poverty and injustice, in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas, ActionAid is working to help people free themselves from poverty.”


ACT!ONAID is working towards the creation of a world without poverty, they do this primarily through working within these areas:

Hunger, Education, Women’s Right, Economic justice, HIV & AIDS, Emergency and Conflicts.

ACT!ONAID believes that poor and marginalised people should shape and take responsibility for their own development by identifying and claiming their rights.  Strengthening local organisations is key to ensuring that poor people have a voice. ActionAid works with over 2000 partner organisations, ranging from small community groups to alliances and international networks.

GARITE feels that ACT!ONAID really do take action against poverty on many different levels. Furthermore, they make it so easy to get engaged, for example why not sign up for their ‘We use land for food and not fuel’ petition list? Its as easy as that! We will keep you updated through ACT!ONAID on other things YOU can do in order to make this world more equal