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If you are unsure of what to get for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, make it a special one by giving her a Valentine’s Day gift that shows you really care.

Vintage pieces have a history attached to them, a handbag now in your posession could once have been owned by a glamorous woman in Italy or how about a scarf that might have been a gift from a King to his mistress!

To GARITE, the mystery of vintage fashion is very romantic and we believe vintage pieces make lovely presents all year round, but they work especially well on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Buying clothes for a woman can be very overwhelming for men so might we suggest to stick with accessories! A bracelet, handbag or scarf will be appreciated by any woman – as long as you know a little bit about her style.

Does she often wear yellow? Then getting her something yellow is a given. Does she wear a different necklace every day? Add another one to her collection! We’re sure you get the picture…

BlackThis is a timeless black and gold leather bangle that works on its own or stacked together with other bracelets.


This ”Royal” yellow/gold scarf is great for a glamorous girl who likes her luxury pieces. Tip: Tell her this scarf would look great on a handbag, that will impress her!


An evening bag is the perfect romantic gift for Valentine’s Day as it’s not an every day piece but she will be pleasantly surprised by this unique present. Fancy Greta is a delicate bag for fancy nights out on the town!