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Marija Filipova, 22, isn’t afraid to do an occasional livingroom dance session to anything from Britney to Def Leppard. But no that isn’t what she does for living but music is a huge part of her life. Marija works in fashion styling – a career she pursued whilst living in London and music is in fact her biggest inspiration. She also blogs full time on The Black Cape – a favourite of GARITE.

How would you summarise your blog?

It’s a fashion blog, there’s a lot of fashion blogs out there where it’s just about themselves and their style. that’s cool but I want my blog to be a place where you could get inspired by my style, but also look at some streetstyle pictures, or read about new cool editorials, designers and such, a great mix of everything!

How do you find the time to blog frequently?

I’m in Sweden right now, been taking some time off, so finding time to blog hasn’t been a problem.

What inspires you?

Many things, music is probably my biggest inspiration, I always listen to music when I get ready in the mornings, and depending on what genre I’m listening to, often decided in what mood I’m in, also what to then wear for the day!

Which are your favourite blogs – apart from GARITE 🙂 

5 inch and up, Camille over the rainbow, Angelica Blick

Best vintage treasure?

Oh tricky question, never bought anything ”exclusive” vintage really, might be a pair of Dr Martens, quite an old model, they’re cool!

Tell us about what it was like working in Rokit in London!

It’s always fun to work in a store where you love the clothes. Also the people working there were wicked. We were all the same age and mostly shared the same interests so we always had a blast together. And the customers we had were all so different, but it was always fun when customers with very vintage, or cool outstanding styles came in, that’s very inspiring to see!

Trend or vintage?

I have to go with trend, sorry!

If you could go back to a decade to experience the fashion, which would you chose?

Oh the 60’s early 70’s!! The music and fashion was so cool back then, just look at Edie Sedgwick, so amazing! That eye-makeup wow. The time of the Rolling Stones, The Kinks to experience that whole era would have been wicked!

Describe your blog with 3 words…

Fun, inspiring and fashion fashion fashion