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Francesca in her top from MoodForMode.

Who is Francesca?

I am an Italian girl who moved to Stockholm almost an year ago. I like to define myself as a fashion lover, a passionate writer and a curious mind. I love strawberries, high heels, Tim Burton’s, Baz Luhrman’s and old Italian movies and this month I am very proud to be Garite’s guest blogger for November 🙂

Tell us about your blog!

Fashion and writing have always been great passions for me, but when I lived in Milano and I worked in Fashion PR, I had no time for a personal project. One year ago I moved to Stockholm, I changed work and life and I had more spare time, so I decided to open my blog, It became my personal way to stay connected with the fashion world and carry on my passions.

What’s your style like? 

I would define my stile as girly, but with a twist. I like to combine colors, to mix and match brands, to add a vintage touch to my outfits and I literally adore accessories. I proudly own a big collection of shoes, that are splitted between my apartment in Stockholm (unfortunately too small for all my babies) and my parent’s house in Italy.

One of Francesca’s favourite pair of shoes!

Favourite brand and why?

I  don’t have a super favorite brand, it really depends on the season. But I do have favorite pieces from different designers. In my dream list there is a powder Miu Miu’s Saffiano bag, because they are simply awesome, an Armani’s fitted jacket that my grand grand daughter will proudly wear in some years, some etno-inspired accessories from Marni, perfect for summer, a crazy printed dress from Moschino Cheap & Chic and an unlimited number of Louboutin, of course 😛

Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo?

This is a super difficult choice as all these cities mean something to me. Milano is home, of course, I used to live and work there and I simply love that city: the Duomo, the hidden gardens in Sant’Agostino and the aperitifs with the friends. New York is the city that stole my heart, there is something magical in the air there that make you want to stay forever. In Paris there is one of my favorite places in the world, Place des Voges and Tokyo is the city that I always wanted to visit but where I didn’t go yet. But, if I really really had to choose, I would say Milano, home is always home.

Prada in Milano.

Fashion – Italy or Sweden?

To me fashion means of course Italy, I think we have the best designers in the world and I am really proud of that, but I adore the Scandinavian simplicity as well. I am actually working on a project that is focused on bringing a bit of the Italian fashion in Sweden. It’s called MoodForMode and it’s the first pop-up event ever organized in Stockholm. Me and my partner will have a temporary store at Marie Laveau, in Stockholm, where we’ll sell just for 3 days new and upcoming fashion labels not yet distributed in Sweden. If you are interested have a look our website is and come visit us in December!

Your style icon and why?

Without any doubt my two style icons are Miuccia Prada and Giorgio Armani. They both have a simple yet not banal, stylish, timeless and recognizable style that I adore.

Why do you love Vintage?

I love vintage because all the pieces are unique and have their own story. I love to think that every object has a memory that can continue and evolve from one owner to another.

Francesca shows off her blouse from GARITE.

Best Vintage/Second Hand bargain?

I have two: one is a pair of blue open-toes by Valentino from the sixties that I found in a flea market in Italy, the other one is a small Chanel shoulder bag that I bought here in Stockholm. I must admit that Stockholm is better than Milano when it comes to vintage shops.

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